Sarkozy Pushes too Far Right

In his five years in office, French President Nicholas Sarkozy has done nothing but serve up opportunities on a silver platter to the National Front party.National Front president Marine Le Pen is now using Mohammed Merah, the alleged jihadist,…

Green is My Favourite Colour

Do you want to learn more about Rio+20, Green Economy and Sustainable Development? You can help me raise money for my eco-fashion journalistic project! Click on the image to learn more THANKS!

The Night Of The Gazelle

[slideshow] "...Any men staying in the city is treated like a deserter and severely punished by women who take up the  city for one whole night ... " Raja Alem closes her story with a "Shukran" - Thank you. Raja is originally from Mecca, the…

I wanna Make it Wit Chu

Have you ever had sex? Yes, you are likely to be a sleeping-with-everyone kind of woman, with higher risks to contract AIDS. No, you have either suffered a trauma or your parents were extremely strict. Those are the two possibilities for the…