Kambale Musavuli spoke to AlJazeera about peace in the Democratic republic of Congo as he did with us in NYC for our doc. #africandiaspora #invisiblecities #activists #congo #peace
What are Gianpaolo and Bea doing at the Campidoglio, where the Rome City Hall is? No recommendations, everyone can pursue achievements…of which we hope to tell more very soon: keep following us! _________ Cosa fanno Gianpaolo e Bea al…
Our new bracelets from Democratic Republic of Congo!
Who’s a better model of integration than us?
#Education #workshop Media and Integration #learningfraternity now in Castel Gandolfo, Rome! Thanks everyone for coming, we had an invaluable interaction with teachers and educators
Learning fraternity meeting in Castel Gandolfo: talking about education, media, misconception about African migrants
Siamo a Castel Gandolfo al #learningfraternity meeting

A new adventure

The good thing about a project like (IN)VISIBLE CITIES is that the help you can give is versatile. Our next adventure is a workshop, at the “Learning Fraternity" meeting in Castel Gandolfo Rome, starting tomorrow. On Saturday we’ll…