First Day Of Shooting

It took us almost ten days to embrace camera and microphones, and we did only because the person we were going to interview was leaving the day after. The very first day of shooting of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES happened between the neighborhoods of…

This Is The Sound of Istanbul From Our Window

Step out of your rooms, if you try and listen to the sounds of your city, what can you hear? Istanbul is such a blaze of  perfumes, sounds and cultures. We are discovering it day by day while walking in the streets and seeing an Armenian…

Double Standards or How Labour Market Works Worldwide

If I give work to a Turk I'd have to pay him 70 TL a day, 50 TL to a Kurdish and 30-35 TL to a Black person. Nobody is ever going to say anything about it  

Being Ethnic

Ethnicity can be something socially constructed that alters its meaning from one context to another
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Where To Eat Turkish Breakfast

We found the place thanks to a friend here in Istanbul who arranged us a meeting with an urbanist in a place that looked like a nice little spot where to eat a rich Turkish breakfast. Unfortunately the first time we went there it was too full…
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Something Blue, Something New, Something Borrowed

Not to worry, nobody is getting married here in Istanbul ...yet. But that's the expression I had in mind since arriving in this city: a series of unexpected acts of kindness made us feel home, in the first city we're visiting to film our documentary…
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Not That Black Anymore

The first time I came to Istanbul it was 2012. Before that, I had never experienced what it was to be the total center of attention of people. Everywhere I went I was being watched and called "Arab" or "Beyonce". Arab is the name Turkish used…

First Adventure In Istanbul

So we finally made it to one of the most populated cities of the world, Istanbul. And before even stepping foot outside our first adventure present itself, or rather it was presented to Gianpaolo. He goes to the ATM to withdraw few Turkish lira…