Back in the headquarter

One luggage has been dismantled and another one prepared as we left Istanbul. We're going to miss that city and the friends we made there but this is not "goodbye" as we'd love to be back and continue researching for (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, documentary…

Where To Eat in Istanbul

In Istanbul wall with your chin up. That's how we discovered an amazing place on the top floor of a building that doesn't seem to have other apartments inside! It's name is Tavernarasi, you can easily find it on TripAdvisor and we can assure…

How much do you know about the invisible Afro-Turks

Talking to the panel of the Afro-Turks association on Saturday was extremely productive! Have you ever heard about the Afro-Turks? The name explains in it well they are Turks of visible African origins. Why do I highlight "visible"? That's…
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I Met a Kobe Bryant in Houston

Here is something I wanted to share for a while about my experience travelling in the US last year for (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, a documentary series on African migrants. I did meet a Kobe Bryant of sort, here is what happened: read here

Slave Trade In The Ottoman Empire

When thinking about slave trades, it is normal for many of us to think about the time when Africans were brought to the Americas to work as slaves there. Hence, the birth what has been defined as African-Americans. However, slave trade was not…

"We're Not Only Refugees"

Every year, a ball, a field become the right setting for panafricanism here in Istanbul. During the African Cup, Africans from all over Turkey and sometimes from other part of the world as well, gather in Istanbul to play football. Today we…

Heat, Football and Traffic Jam

What's missing in the picture is the soundtrack: Beyonce. Which fits in well, considered that's how they used to call me when I first came in Istanbul two years ago, when African migrants were a curiosity and not the main focus of the trip as…
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Get an Update on "Race"!

This is an easy one: how would you state the race of a person born in the US by an African - whose mother was coming from the UK and father from Senegal, and a Chinese - whose father was from Italy and mother from Dubai?  Not that easy is it?…

Meeting the African Footballers in Istanbul

An interesting day expect us in about 8 hours: a meeting with some of the soccer players from Africa who are now residing in Istanbul. Looking forward for it! Our guide will be nothing less than the President of the Nigerian Community in Istanbul! Keep…