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Oh Boy! I miss Turkey, and Los Angeles, and Cardiff

How is it possible to miss so many places at once, so many homes at once, so many scenarios and languages? Not sure but  I know I do.  It's been  two months since we came back from Istanbul and listening to the interviews we conducted for…
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I Rather Stay With People Of My Own Kind

Once I watched a TV show where a vegan woman was saying that she only hanged out with other vegans and couldn't spend her time with people who did not share her same ideas on nutrition. It sounded nut to me. Can we really spend time only with…

Non sto piangendo, ho una cosa nell'occhio

E' passato più di un mese dalla presentazione di (IN)VISIBLE CITIES al Festival Internazionale del Giornalismo di Perugia, eppure l'emozione di quel primo maggio, ancora ci accompagna. Sono seguite altre esperienze a quelle: come l'incontro…

Proud To Share This

La periodista IJNet del mes: Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua http://t.co/bl6ypxxKCt @Kabutakapua— IJNet en Español (@ijnetEs) June 2, 2014
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Not All That Glitters

I moved to London at the old age of 31. I was a young man in my prime. I was full of youthful energy and the optimism of a young child. I had gone to one of the best schools in Ghana which subsequently landed me a job with Ghana’s top accountancy…
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Things To Do If You Are Inspired

Sometimes you just have to do it, when you are inspired by something or someone all you have to do is share, share and create. That's why from today on Balobeshayi will feature posts written by amazing writers, women, students, mainly of African…

Growing Up Among Blacks

Who did you grow up with? Did you ever notice the difference in colour, ethnicity, religion of your friends when you were little?  I haven't. I grew up in an environment where the majority of people where white or at most mulatto and…