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How to talk about Migrants professionals

It has been an idea for several months. For at least a year in fact. Finally, last February we put in practice something we learned about how to talk about migrants professionals. We did that in Rome, where such inputs are much needed. It was at the CNR which stands for the Centre for National […]

Three ways to make cities work for all

What makes a city accessible and sustainable for all its residents? Inspired by the book The New Urban Crisis by professor Richard Florida of the University of Toronto, we have selected three ways to make cities work for all. The selection is based on our experience as wanderers and researchers in cities and their connection to […]

We Are Hiring: Sales Representatives (EU/US)

Sales Representatives Balobeshayi  – London Part-time Remuneration on commission EU / US We are looking for a bright, independent and motivated sales representative to help us reach our mission of changing the narrative on migration through the dissemination of migration-related documentaries in universities.  The person who will join our team will be flexible and result-oriented […]

We Are Looking for A Volunteer Social Media Manager

There are few things we love more than working with other people, that is why we are making room for a volunteer to come join us. We’d love to hear from a volunteer social media manager who could take care of our Facebook page update, increase the interaction and connect with people interested in changing […]

One Thing Young People Need

Last week we were in Rome to film an interview with an astonishing young graphic novelist who enlightened us on one thing that all young people need. Takoua Ben Mohamed Takoua is a well-known Italian graphic novelist originally born in Tangeri. I have met her and her brothers in the Pigneto, Rome. The Pigneto is […]

Memory #3: First Adventure in Istanbul

(IN)VISIBLE CITIES Istanbul on Vimeo on Demand This week marks the release of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES Istanbul, the film on African migrants we have been working on for awhile. The documentary is available to rent on Vimeo on Demand. It’s the intimate journey of Beatrice into her African roots. To celebrate this achievement as best as […]


Migrants as you never see them, watch (IN)VISIBLE CITIES Istanbul   We are counting the days and hours until the release of the newest episode of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, the series that chases African migrants all over the world. In this latest episode, Beatrice, an Italian journalist of African origins, lands in Istanbul. The people she […]

Why We Don’t Need Grand Heroic Actions

Today I feel inspired, empowered and convinced of the fact that changing the world does not require grand heroic actions. We can be silent heroes fighting evil piece by piece with a small action. I did not feel that way four days ago. Everything was set: my notes were ready and well organised; I knew […]

Calcio d’Inizio sul campo di Facebook per Balobeshayi

Balobeshayi apre la sua pagina Facebook e invita tutti a partecipare L’arbitro ha già fischiato. Il calcio di inizio è stato lanciato, siamo in campo. Balobeshayi ha iniziato la sua partita sui social media: siamo su Facebook!  Dopo una gestazione di mesi con nascita avvenuta a luglio del 2016, la nostra cooperativa sociale è disponibile […]