Balobeshayi Lands On Facebook!

Few months ago, to thank everyone for reading, I promised that once reached 3,000 views Balobeshayi would have had its own Facebook page. I can finally say the promise is a reality: here.

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Why does Balobeshayi go on Facebook? wouldn’t exist without people sharing stories and reading them. I particularly want to thank Letizia Cortini who interacted amazingly with me and Balobeshayi! Facebook offers a great opportunity to interact and listen to your stories, so thank you in advance for joining.

What is

On I wish to share stories about women and people from ethnic minorities. But because topics are not locked boxes, you might also find posts and interviews about green livingenvironment, international issues and cultural identity. Just to have an idea, here are some the most liked articles:

Posts on are mostly in English but you can read it in more than 50 languages. Just click here and Google will translate it for you.

Do share your stories and suggestions on Balobeshayi!

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