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Are Novels on Africa Offering Us Poverty-Porn?

What comes to mind when I say "Africa"? Is it the dressless child with flies all over his face? Maybe a woman thin as only problematic anorexic models can be, but carrying tanks of waters on their heads? These are just some of the images so…
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How many women, foreigners and diverse people are in newsrooms?

Dear All, I haven't disappeared nor I forgot about Balobeshayi and all of you who read it. I've been working on few projects, one of which you can find below. It's a very interesting panel I moderated last Sunday during the International Journalism…
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Is This What African Migrants in Turkey Feel Like?

To be reminded blood is thicker than water. To be reminded that you really don't have to spend time or money to be loved. To be reminded all we have and work for makes no sense if you do not have people to share with. To be reminded not to forget…
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Migrants’ Rights Network: So we are better off because of migration, but why aren’t the politicians getting that message across?

The blizzard of commentary that accompanies the annual budget statement also included a memo from the OBR saying “Mr Chancellor, immigration is good for us.” So will he, and other politicians, act on this message? read more
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We Shall Raise Our Voices

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with my fiance. We were talking about history and who writes it, about movements and who starts them, about know facts and who spread them. The sad truth we were aware of and have said out loud to…
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African-American Actors and Golden Globe Award

So the Golden Globes went by and new statues are proudly standing in few people's houses. But what if you could have had the chance to choose your own winning African-American actor? I wouldn't dare to say an African actor or actress only because…
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African Girl, A Poem

AFRICAN GIRL African girl Drenched in African heat Gyrating Not in disco ecstasy But burdened By the weight of life; Firewood For the family crucible African woman In far-off times On those sun-beaten savannahs Haunted by beast and serpent You…
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First Black Female Republican Congresswoman

The very first black female from the Republican Party in the U.S. has become congresswoman for the Utah. This would give hope for all minorities fighting to achieve those positions, African women included. Yes, it's a fantastic step forward…
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My Christmas Gift To Biracial Children

For all those children who have parents from different worlds, the so-called biracial children, and for those whose name seems so unpronounceable for the rest of the world (I am one of you), this is my Christmas gift to you shared directly from…
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New Doc Tackles Division Between Blacks in U.S. - The Africa Channel

One polarizing behaviour both communities employ is name-calling, which includes “booty-scratcher” to describe Africans and “Akata” to describe African-Americans. There is a sense that both groups use slurs to identify each other, when…