Sixty Years Ago, Rosa Parks Got Arrested for Sitting in a Bus

It was December 1, when Ms Rosa Parks entered in the bus and without even wanting to, made a huge contribution to the fight for the civil rights of African Americans. Sixty years ago, what changed?     whewhebwheb
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Arrivederci Marche!

L'ultima serata nelle Marche è già passata da un paio di giorni ma continuiamo a ricordare il calore delle persone che abbiamo incontrato e le associazioni che ci hanno aiutati: Tandem Associazione Interculturale, GUS di Ancona, Ambasciata…
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Siamo Stati a Radio Rai 3 e Ci Siamo Divertiti

Debutto in radio per (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, martedì 28 ottobre siamo stati ospiti del programma Radio3Mondo condotto da Marina Lalovic. Gianpaolo ed io siamo andati a raccontare la storia dietro le storie di (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, il docufilm al…
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Se siete stanchi di leggere solo i nostri aggiornamenti, la nostra storia e quello che abbiamo fatto nell'ultimo anno e mezzo, sintonizzatevi su Radio3Mondo alle 11 e il 28 Ottobre e sentirete le nostre voci che raccontano di come siamo arrivati…
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Presentation of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES at Campidoglio, Rome

Last Thursday we presented (IN)VISIBLE CITIES at Rome municipality during the conference Cosmocity on intercultural and inter religions dialogue organised by the Italian Programma Integra. If you're browsing our blog and have no idea who we…
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Everyone Wants To Be Home - Sarah Kazadi

One of the amazing people we met while travelling for narrating the stories of African migrants, Sarah Kazadi, a journalist working at CBS Sport in New York and looking forward to recount the stories from her motherland, the Democratic Republic…
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The Moment Your Documentary Becomes A Person

So today I was writing to a friend, we don't speak very often so we exchanged updates on life in general and I mentioned I was organizing some trips around. And he obviously asked where was I going. The answer was quite straight forward, we'll…
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We Miss You Deeply

Last night we received a call from Turkey, it was a friend Gianpaolo and me met when we were there filming and meeting people from Africa. We talked through Skype as if we were just close by and it was so amazing! So, we take the chance to tell…

The Image of Racism

Racism is a refuge for the ignorant. It seeks to divide and to destroy. It is the enemy of freedom, and deserves to be met head-on and stamped out. Pierre Berton, Canadian journalist