From time to time, people ask me questions. Some of them are silly, some interesting, some shocking. I thought it might be valuable to share them

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African-American Actors and Golden Globe Award

So the Golden Globes went by and new statues are proudly standing in few people's houses. But what if you could have had the chance to choose your own winning African-American actor? I wouldn't dare to say an African actor or actress only because…
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Are There Black Writers in Italy?

Of course there are if you consider "black" everyone who basically is not "white". I'm sure there are black writers in Italy. Few months ago I did read two books by one of them, Amara Lakhous. Although he's not "black black" as someone might…
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Is This The Answer To Racism?

In the last days I have talked to several people about something I was not really expecting.Everything began in Rome, a couple of weeks ago, when I went with a German colleague of mine to make a photoreportage on what young people want: the…
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Are There Black People In Italy?

This question was asked to me on a rather silent night in Piccadilly Circus, London, by a 20-year-old PR who said she fears to go to Italy because she didn’t want to be the only Black person there.