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How many women, foreigners and diverse people are in newsrooms?

Dear All, I haven't disappeared nor I forgot about Balobeshayi and all of you who read it. I've been working on few projects, one of which you can find below. It's a very interesting panel I moderated last Sunday during the International Journalism…

A 19-Year-Old Said What Many Adults Are Not Able To

What you are about to read is precious. Take some time, one minute is enough. Read it out loud and breath at every sentence.  This poem was shared by a 19-year-old Australian poet, Erin Hanson, and  for us it sums up everything people should…
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We showed our doc to pupils and these are the questions they came up with

We're touring Italy to present (IN)VISIBLE CITIES and the stories of the African migrants we met in the last two years. Surprisingly enough it's attracting the attention of schools and universities and recently we screened it for the first time…

African Migrants in Italy

Based on the research of the IDOS, an institute that publish yearly the statistics of the migrants population in Italy, there are 5 million migrants in Italy. 22% of those are Africans, with the majority coming from Morocco.
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Yesterday I Won An Award And This is What Happened

Yesterday  I got an award from the Rome Municipality for my "outstanding journalism effort and achievement at such a young age". Being titled the Intercultural Award, the prize was for my effort in bringing together different cultures. It…
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Is This The Answer To Racism?

In the last days I have talked to several people about something I was not really expecting.Everything began in Rome, a couple of weeks ago, when I went with a German colleague of mine to make a photoreportage on what young people want: the…

Why Europe Is More Anti-Immigrants Than The US

“There is one decisive moment in American history which is not much written about, but which is very important and it sets up a contrast with Europe.   That moment is the moment when the Anglo-American settlers, who thought that they were…
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Oh Boy! I miss Turkey, and Los Angeles, and Cardiff

How is it possible to miss so many places at once, so many homes at once, so many scenarios and languages? Not sure but  I know I do.  It's been  two months since we came back from Istanbul and listening to the interviews we conducted for…