We Are Hiring: Sales Representatives (EU/US)

Sales Representatives
Balobeshayi London


Remuneration on commission


We are looking for a bright, independent and motivated sales representative to help us reach our mission of changing the narrative on migration through the dissemination of migration-related documentaries in universities.  The person who will join our team will be flexible and result-oriented but also open to listening to our customers’ requests and able to adapt to them.  The role will give access to an extensive network of clients. The position will run on probation for two months with the possibility of an extension based on results.

Please send CV and a short letter explaining why you’re interested in the position and what is your selling strategy to info@balobeshayi.org by March 30, 2018.

About Balobeshayi

Balobeshayi is a social enterprise on a mission to change the narrative on migration towards a more humane representation. We are aiming to bring back the people behind the word “migrant”. We do that through documentaries, training for individuals with migratory background, consultancies for the urban inclusion of migrants.

We partner with academic institutions, artists, migrant communities, to provide a positive impact on the culture around migration. Our work has influenced the young minds of people in the US, Italy and the UK.


Duties and Responsibilities

  •       Acquires new customers by reaching out to leads
  •       Research customer’s individual or business purchase needs
  •       Serves existing customers by optimizing current purchase plan
  •       Adjusts sales tactics based on tests and new insights in the field
  •       Resolves customer complaints and queries
  •       Submits purchase orders
  •       Informs management of purchase actions
  •       Maintains monthly goals
  •       Makes recommendations for the customer
  •       Maintains documentation of customer contact and account updates

Requirements and Qualifications

  •       High school diploma
  •       Bachelor’s degree (ideal but not required)
  •       Additional certifications and other professional development experience
  •       1+ year of sales experience
  •       Customer service and people skills
  •       Phone, email, and chat communication skills
  •       Prospecting skills
  •       Territory management aptitude
  •       Persuasion, negotiation, and closing skills
  •       Ability to meet deadlines and financial goal minimums
  •       Patience to deal with customer issues and calls that do not end in a sale
  •       Motivation skills and a positive attitude
  •       Knowledge of European languages is an advantage
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