Why We Don’t Need Grand Heroic Actions

Today I feel inspired, empowered and convinced of the fact that changing the world does not require grand heroic actions. We can be silent heroes fighting evil piece by piece with a small action.

I did not feel that way four days ago. Everything was set: my notes were ready and well organised; I knew what train to catch; I had visualised how the day was going to unfold. But of course, it didn’t. I lost my train and had to change several lines to get to my final destination, which of course I got to ten minutes later than expected. It was the first the day of a new working adventure. And of course, I used four out of the seventeen notes I had prepared and didn’t manage to complete the programme I was asked to do.  It was my first day in Croydon, the first time engaging and training young challenging students going to English colleges, the first time I had to fully share what I have learned from opening my own social enterprise, Balobeshayi.

It All Went Banana

I will unveil the big mystery by explaining that last Wednesday I started working for The Challenge, a UK-based charity delivering training to young people that oftentimes people consider “troublemakers”. The programme works in a fantastic way: the young people spend sometimes in the outdoor facing their fears and working as a team doing canoeing, adventure trails etc. They then spend three days learning about drama, music, sport, photography, and enterprise. That’s where I came in. My purpose was to inspire them and share things like branding, marketing, social actions.

Actions Speaks Louder Than Words

Actions do speak louder than words. And despite not being able to complete the programme I was supposed to do, I have seen how my amazing group was able to paraphrase the theory into action. In one day they have gone to a care home to do their “market research” and understand how they could help. The day after they were there for the second time, despite being initially reluctant, despite shiness, despite the sadness. They were there. And they were amazing! The elderly people in the care home were looking forward to this group of teenagers and again, nothing went as planned but everything went as it should have.

We Don’t Need to Engage in Heroic Actions

The third day, after struggles and fear they went on a stage and told everyone what the past days had been like. All of them: English speakers and not English speakers, fearful and brave. It was powerful! And I am so very sorry if these few lines don’t give you the impression but you can think about it as a natural miracle: like a worm becoming the most colourful butterfly in the blink of an eye. And you know you are partly responsible for that. Let me repeat it, it is Powerful. It reminded me that “we don’t need to engage in grand heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world”.

Go now, act small, act now.

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