Would you live here? About Migrants Choosing Home

Would you live here? As migrants how do we chose where to live?

Canary Wharf is a crazy one. The first thing I notice getting out the DLR (short for Dockland light railway) is that doors open both on the left and right-hand side. My first thought is judgemental and built with a good dose of preconceptions: “so people working in Canary Wharf have to run so fast to their offices they need both doors to open?!”.

Getting out of the public transport is even a weirder experience. As I walk down the pavement ramp I read “Tiffany”. And if you have watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s as many times as I did, you have no doubt what I’m talking about. If you have no idea what that is, let me spell it out. Tiffany’s and Co. Born as a shop in Manhattan, Tiffany became The jewelry seller, with an annual income of $2,6 billion. You can imagine how exclusively pricey their metals can be.

Working ok, what about living?

That’s just a taste of what Canary Wharf is: a collection of skyscrapers, fancy shops, well-dressed busy-looking people. And just steps away from that crazy mayhem is South Quay. The area is being obviously rebuilt and apartments are coming to replace what was once only void. The builder has printed out a nice presentation that says the area will be filled with green. Acres of green grass and few trees. Sounds fascinating and ideal especially if you add to it that each building will be provided with a terrace and swimming pool. A dream, an everyday spa! Isn’t it?

But would I live here? Would you live here?

How do you choose where to live?

As migrants, we are often confronted with the choice of where to live: close to public transports, in a vibrant community, close to good schools, close to friends?

Personally, I have always been a great fan of good community, services, and public transports.

How about you? How do you choose where to live?

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